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    1. I have been going to Back in Motion since the day they opened their doors and Dr. Tyler since 2008 before that. I have since recommened countless others with an overwhelming responce after going for the first time. Tyler has put together an exceptional staff between all the Dr’s and therapists. The doctors aren’t your typical chiropractors. They help fix whatever problems you may be experiencing and educate how to prevent those issues. I am on the computer most of my working day so good posture is important. My kids look forward to visiting which tells alot about the environment they have. They have been patients since ages 5-8yo and all mid teens early 20s now.

    Ted Koopman

  • Dr Heike is not your typical chiropractor – his attention to muscle tone and movement puts him in a league above the rest. In his care I have recovered from some of the injuries of firefighting and life by getting the muscles to support the body properly and by helping me find optimal range of movement. He has relieved pain and given me my life back.

    Michael St. John

  • I have been treated by Dr. Sean Golden for several months in the past. In addition to keeping my body healthy and moving well and thus enabling me to lift weights and train the way I want to, he has also been an outstanding resource for my nutrition questions. He is literally an encyclopedia on evidence based nutrition and will be able to answer any of your nutrition questions in addition to musculoskeletal system questions. His recommendation on which supplements (type, brand, dosage) has enabled me to really elevate my performance in the gym.

    Chris Rahbar

  • I am SO impressed with Dr. Ryan and the Back in Motion team. I was referred by my wife after injuring my back weightlifting and with one treatment I was already feeling better. Now after a few sessions with Dr. Ryan I am feeling almost good as new and to thing I was in a wheelchair from pain prior to my initial appointment, that is major improvement.

    The staff at the front are courteous and organized and they also take my HSA Insurance which is a plus! In additional the facilities are clean and well-maintained and the location is very convenient.

    In regards to treatment and modalities, Dr. Ryan really knows he stuff. He listens, asks all the correct questions to get to the root of the issue and he really cares about your wellbeing. He is also extremely knowledgable and doesn’t just know the spine and skeletal system but has a VERY strong knowledge of the muscular/connective tissues of the body. He employs different modalities such to ensure the treatment is working get you better.

    Lottie S.

  • I started having a major lower back pain after a gym visit and the pain didn’t go away after weeks. A friend recommended  here and I started seeing Dr Sean. He is very professional and friendly. He helped me to take an x- ray and analyzed my symptoms. I started getting treatment right away. After a few weeks, I started feel less pain, and after  a month treatment, most of my lower back pain disappeared. I am very satisfied with the whole treatment process and the help that Dr Sean provided

    Nate L.

  • I have been treated by Doctor Heike Klima, for 5 sessions so far and I can tell, since my accident year & half ago, being at many many doctor offices, they were the only people help me walk easier,  with less pain! I can not believe how easy Dr.Klima uses my own body muscles to bring it back to function again!
    I truly appreciate his and his team hard work and highly recommend you to give them one chance, you won’t go elsewhere! Supper friendly , absolutely know their job, excellent team and nurses all are just a group of educated, expert people who would put you always first as a patient and help you even if they have to stay after hours. It Feels like being helped by your family members! Highly recommended as a happy client

    Baran Pourfard

  • I’ve been seeing Dr.Sean Golden at Back In Motion for a while now and he has gone above and beyond to help fix my Patellar Tendonitis, IT Band pain, and Tricep Tendonitis.

    Sean is very knowledgeable about everything that goes on in our bodies and can provide very insightful reasons to why you are feeling pain and how to overcome it to get on the right track towards feeling 100% again.

    Sean backs up what he says with great research and is very intelligent when it comes to the body, physiologically or otherwise, etc. He also teaches you great rehab exercises to help speed up the recovery process and strengthen whatever you have damaged.

    Besides my tendon pains, I’ve come to him with questions on weight lifting, diet, etc. and he has really gone out of his way to give me great tips and help me on my weight lifting journey. I can’t recommend Dr.Sean enough and if you have any pain whether it be back, quads, hip flexors, tendons, etc. he is a great Dr. and can help you IMMENSELY, right from the 1st session! I’m always going to come to Dr.Sean with any problems I have in the future and I know he’ll be there to help fix me up again!

    Noah Richardson

    1. Dr. Ryan is very knowledgeable and kind. He always explains my situation to me patiently, and I feel like he really cares about his patients!

      Physical therapists are also very knowledgeable and friendly. My favorite part of the visit is closing my eyes and lying down on a massage table, so relaxing! The massage therapy rooms are sanitize and always playing music so you can expect a peaceful and comfortable environment for your massage.

      The office is clean and updated, with comfy couches and selections of yogi tea bags too! There are a few front desk persons and they are all very helpful and nice!

    Teresa N.

  • I’m a huge fan!  My cousin referred me and I’m so glad she did;
    Dr Tyler is a godsend.  He’s personable, thorough and most of all, takes the time to be sure I clearly understand the why-how-what the root of my pain issues are.  And he’s assigned me homework using the foam roller to improve my problem areas.  

    In one session, I have learned specific techniques to help alleviate my foot, hip and neck pain, plus I am more committed to just keeping active throughout the day because now I comprehend how motion works for me, and inactivity works against me.  Of course, he adjusted me and did some sports type massage which I desperately needed.  Seriously, I felt so much lighter and had more range of motion after that one session than after most hour long massages.  Plus since Dr T knows my fitness goals, he is advising me on how to avoid injury while training for my first Half Marathon. 

    Melissa T. H.

  • I was t-boned a few month ago and since my car accident I’ve had neck, shoulder, and hip pains.  The first place/Doctor I went to was only a temporary fix and wasn’t helping long term.  I was recommended here by a friend and have been seeing Dr. Heike since.  

    Dr. Heike has been AMAZING on working with the muscles and relieving my injuries.  I tend to travel a lot for work and return hurt from sitting so long on the flights, Dr. Heike will spend extra time when needed and sincerely cares for all his patients’ wellbeing.  Ever since my car accident I get pinch nerves that are debilitating, Dr. Heike has been able to help a lot.  I also see two massage/stretch therapist that work really well on my injuries, Vanessa and Aaron both are fantastic but if they aren’t available other have been wonderful too.  The best part is most patients have the option to see a doctor for an adjustment and a massage therapist on the same visit.  I’m constantly grateful that I found Dr. Heike, they all have been helpful in showing me what I can do for a long term fix.  If you’ve been in a car accident, are active in sports, or just hurt this is the place to go!

    Shy K.

  • I grew up my whole life with knee pain since I was little, that the doctors said were “growing pains” and they hurt so bad I couldn’t run, something I love to do. Well I stopped growing at the beginning of high school but the pain stayed with me till now in my late 20’s.

    I began seeing Dr. Sean for my knee pains and within just a few visits they felt better than they had in many years! He is by far not only the most knowledgeable chiropractor I’ve ever gone to, he’s the most knowledgeable doctor in general I’ve ever been to!

    He worked on the muscles, fascia, tendons, and explained that my quads were pulling on my knee caps, causing friction and pain every time I ran. He also fixed this nagging pain I had in between my shoulder blades that I had for a year or so, which I didn’t even come in for! I am definitely going to be recommending my friends with “pain issues” to go get checked out here!

    Renee Dingraudo

  • I was having extreme lower back pain, that i couldnt deal with anymore! I called and was able to get an appt right away. Not only was the nice lady at the front desk, thorough and very helpful.. Dr. Ryan stayed late to take my appt! I felt so much better after the exam and adjustement! He explained everything and showed me on the xrays what was giving me trouble! It was well worth the money and time! I am recommending all my friends and co workers to Dr. Ryan! Thank you so much!

    Nicole B.

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And So Much More
Active Release Technique

Being Certified ART Providers, we specialize in specifically restoring normal patterns of motion while unlocking muscle tightness, fascia, and adhesions in dysfunctional regions

Chiropractic Adjustments

Utilizing a variety of methods including traditional manual chiropractic adjustments as well as light force, instrument-assisted techniques, we ensure that joint motion gets restored

Graston Technique

We have been trained to use steel instruments to break up scar tissue, accelerate recovery time, and promote proper regenerative healing.

Deep Tissue Fascial Release

We have an exceptional team of multidisciplinary sports therapists who work with our team of doctors to achieve superior patient outcomes

Unique Home Care Programs

Personalized home care strategies facilitating a pain-free body outside the office

Cold Laser Therapy

Short-wave infrared laser light accelerates the healing process and rejuvenates tissues to bolster recovery

Dynamic-Assisted Stretching

We meticulously stretch tight muscles in order to keep them long, strong, and injury-free

Real-Time Digital
X-Ray Imaging

On-site imaging allows for more accurate diagnostics and helps evaluate the extent of injury



Expert Care with Cutting Edge Treatment
Dr. Tyler Forbes
Dr. Sean Golden
Dr. Heike Klima
Dr. Ryan McClinton



Located Conveniently in San Diego

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Phone: (858) 768-6111

Address: 11199 Sorrento Valley Rd STE 201, San Diego, CA 92121

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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
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Here for you

Call us 24/7. We are there for your support

About us

Res enim fortasse verae, certe graves.

Where to find us

42 Boulevard, California, number 23